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October 26, 2005

Volume 7, Issue 26

The theme for today is you have caught something on your fishing line.

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"Aye, Conor, ye've got one!"

Conor began reeling in his catch, his rod bent as he played the fish.

"Keep yer line tight, boy," MacTavish advised. "Could be a big Ferrox trout, or even a salmon."

Conor grunted. "Nah, it's bigger than that ... it's huge."

The struggle went on over twenty minutes, as the boat was pulled further into the middle of the loch. Finally, with a mighty heave, Conor forced the beast's head to break the surface.

"Man, ye've caught Nessie!" MacTavish exclaimed.

"Crap!" Conor exclaimed, cutting his line. "I was hoping for a nice trout for dinner tonight."

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Syd watched the float bob down and up, down and up. Soon he might be bobbing up and down in the water. They were coming for him. Fishing was his form of meditation—preparation for death, an emptying of the mind. The line pulled hard this time. He welcomed the distraction. Working up a sweat he grunted, “this one is a fighter.” At that moment Syd realized it wasn’t natural to just give up, to just roll over and die. No! He’d go back and take his stand. Syd refused to die like a man, he would die like a fish.

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The green-headed duck looked up from his meticulous preening to ask, “Why are you fishing here, Fred?”

I’d come to realize that, in general, ducks are not known for their grasp of the self-evident. And this one was especially oblivious. “Because I have a fishing rod and I’m hungry,” I carefully explained.

“I was asking why you’re fishing in an empty gymnasium,” the duck clarified.

A gentle tug on the line interrupted my reply. Within seconds, I reeled in another pastrami on rye.

Lisa had liked pastrami. I loathed it. Nonetheless, I placed it with the others.

I miss Lisa.

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Inventive...nobody said you had to be on the water. Good stuff!

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