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October 19, 2005

Stacy: Self Aware

"Tense? Why am I tense?"

"Yeah. You've been making me nuts all day, what's wrong with you?"

"Hm. Let's see. Why could I be tense? Could it be...and I'm just spitballing here...that you're FUCKING MY BROTHER??!?!"

"There's no need to yell..."


"Well, it's just this thing you know? We met, sparks flew..."

"We've been married for less than a month, and YOU'RE FUCKING MY BROTHER!!!"

"Would you calm down please? It was only that one time."

"I swear, woman, you are so lucky today’s theme isn’t 'write about a justified homicide'."

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Very meta. Cute.

Posted by: D at October 19, 2005 8:29 AM · Permalink

Aw, I was hoping the tense one was the wife.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Posted by: David at October 19, 2005 8:55 AM · Permalink

Dude, I wans't implying that she's messin' around behind your back or anything...

Posted by: D at October 19, 2005 9:21 AM · Permalink

Ok, now *I'm* confused. Married to Ted, D, TED.

Posted by: Stacy at October 19, 2005 9:35 AM · Permalink

Okay. So who's married to David then?

Posted by: Jim Parkinson at October 19, 2005 9:56 AM · Permalink

Morgan Fairchild. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I'm married to my job. Actually, my job and I are just dating. We're allowed to see other people/professions.

But my life, my love, and my lady is the sea.

The extra layer of funny is that Ted is my brother.

Posted by: David at October 19, 2005 12:24 PM · Permalink

Dude, you are so my hero with the 'Brandy" ref...Stacy always rolls her eyes at me and sighs when that song comes on the radio.

Posted by: Ted at October 19, 2005 3:12 PM · Permalink

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