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September 24, 2005

Volume 6, Issue 24

The theme for today is to capitulate, to give in, to yield, to concede.

To Surrender.

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Jennifer paused next to Evelyn's car and stood there. She turned to the shop. Evelyn was already handling another customer with a big phony smile on her face, like nothing had just happened.

She looked at her own car a few parking spots away. "Jen, just leave and forget about that jerk." She circled the car and looked at the passenger door lock. "Nobody will notice this for days, there's no way it'll come back on me," shoved a toothpick into the lock and broke it off.

But the ugly green Subaru's tires were flat when she finally drove away.

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“What’s all the commotion, Francois?” inquired the sub-minister of the Department of Cessation.

The Director of the Ministry of Capitulation grinned. “The Prime Minister declared a new national holiday celebrating our glorious history.”

“That brings us to two hundred holidays per year,” chuckled the Desertion Commissioner. “A nice, round number.”

“We should make some banners,” the Chief of the Submission Bureau said. “What color, though? Bleach? Pearl? Ivory? Bone?”

“When is this new holiday?” asked Pierre from the Acquiescence division.

“The first of May,” volunteered Gigi from Relinquishment.

“M’aidez… er… May Day,” chortled the Commissioner. “Viva la bad French pun.”

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It would be so easy. He could just continue to lie where he was. Why move? What's the point? No one would care either way.

He was tired, so tired. And he hurt. His left shoulder was stiff. It hardly had any range of motion. And why was it sore? He slept on it wrong. He remembered when that much pain was the result of a football game. And the pain never lasted so long.

If he didn't move, he didn't hurt. Stay still.

"Daddy, I need help."

He sighed, and started to move. Joints popped and squeaked. "Coming sweety."

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War is knocking at your front door, sir! You are part of this war whether you would like to be or not. If you decide to surrender fight you still will be a casualty. It’s not too late to rally forces, women and children if need be. Whether we win or lose, all will be inspired to rally and fight against the Northern invader. This entire war could hinge on, whether we utilize that small, disused wagon road. Be confident. Be resolute. Success will crown your efforts. I hasten you to join in the defense of your home and firesides.

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