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September 29, 2005

Volume 6, Issue 29

Today's theme is the following three words, gleaned from my currently very overworked desk:


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D: Family

My parents had this grand design for my older sister and I; she’d become a lawyer and I’d become a doctor. We weren't the closest family; we didn't eat together or spend weekends doing proper family things. We were more like four individuals bonded by genetic adhesive. My mother was laundry queen, my father a bitter TV-watching presence and my sister would experiment from the drinks cabinet whenever she could. After one too many shots of Kahlúa she let me kiss her. She slurred my name and put her arms around me but as I said, we were never close.

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Ted: Oh, What a Web

Miss Spider was tired of the tea parties, the flowers, everything that had to do with her goody-eight-shoes image. What she really wanted was meat. She didn't remember how to build a web so she used some carpet glue she had left over from her remodel. She traced out a lovely web design on the floor to her parlor, really adding the Martha touch. She set out some kahlua, the sweet smell attracting a male spider. At once, she realized she wanted his meat, bad. Deed done, she bit off his head and laid her eggs in his body, satisfied.

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Michele: Publish or Perish

They promised me big money and crowded book stores filled with rabid fans. They promised I’d rub elbows with the literary elite and sip wine with the beautiful people. I signed the dotted line and waited for those promises to come to fruition.

So now I’m in Boise, pouring the remnants of a mini bottle of Kahlua into a two day old cup of coffee. Twenty copies of my book sit in the corner of my motel room, the adhesive on the cheap binding falling victim to the humidity.

The jacket design, a simple noose on red background, beckons me.

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