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September 16, 2005

Volume 6, Issue 16

For today's theme, write 100 words set in a House of Ill Repute.

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D: Waiting for Godot

They know. They're not Chinese Madams. Any second now they're going to turn around and in perfect English they're going to say "Freeze scumbag! This is a bust!" and I've got $200 ear-marked for a whore who hasn't finished with her previous client yet and half a gram of coke and I am so busted.

They're sitting there pretending to watch whatever that shitty cop show is. I’ll bet they don't have cop shows that good in China but I know they're only pretending to watch it. They're vice cops. Seventy year-old... cops?

Well, maybe I'm just a little paranoid.

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Ted: The Night Gloria's Burned Down

Three years I'm here, working for Senora Gloria. Seen some fucked up shit. Like the pony getting loose and stomping Lili's snake. Or when Doc shut us down 'cuz Sophe got a dose and the townies dragged him up here by his pecker to open us up again. But man, last night. This gringo shows up the parlor, poof. Didn't go past me, or Paco in back. Was just there, esse. Gloria tell him go way or pay up. He say, "Where's Esteban?" "He dead," I say. "Then all hope is lost," he say and disappear. Then the fire started.

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