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August 22, 2005

Volume 5, Issue 22

The theme for today is the word cross.

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I opened the door and immediately smelled chloroform. There were fruit flies on the incubator, all over the reagant bottles, in the thermocycler - everywhere.

Paul was standing at his bench, looking as though he hadn't eaten in days. "Got it," he croaked, his voice rough from not speaking.


"Got my thesis project working." He handed me a dirty sheet of paper, upon which an elaborate dodecahybrid cross, complete with backcrosses, outcrosses, and complementation tests, had been scribbled. "Just have to watch the maternal effects. The flies told me how to do it."

I slowly backed out of the lab.

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I saw Caiaphas approaching with the cross. "Lookout, Jesus!" I cried. "We've been double-crossed!"

"You've crossed me for the last time, Nazarene," said Caiaphas. "Now, cross over to the grave!"

"Not so fast," said the Lamb of Hosts, dancing around Caiaphas as nimbly as a man in sandals could. "Boffo!" He delivered unto Caiaphas' jaw a mean cross.

"Curses! I'll see you at the crossroads," Caiaphas snarled, now very cross, indeed.

"Promise?" asked Jesus.

"Cross my heart," said Caiaphas.

"What the dilly?" asked Kris-Kross.

"What?" old Mrs Cross cross-examined.

"Will they cross swords?" asked Zorro.

"Crossed my mind," I said.

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Jonathan was mallwalking when he almost collapsed from dizzyness. When he looked up, everything had changed: the shops, the clothing, even the air's smell.

"Can I help you?" asked a leather-clad man. His hat identified him as mall security.

"What's going on?"

"Your first crossing, then?". Jonathan didn't reply. He continued. "People from the past- your time -have been showing up for months. Let's get you to orientation."

"My..first? So I'll go back, eventually?"

"Yes. And forward again. But half of the time, you'll end up in the other timeline. Nasty place. We'll try and give you some survivial skills."

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