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August 17, 2005

From the Comments: G-Do

Spiders were once blind, but content. They did naught but weave webs, and these webs engendered much pride and good-humor among them.

One day, their queen caught a mayfly. "Mercy, and I'll give you eyes," said the mayfly. The queen, hungry but intrigued, agreed, and that's how spiders got their eyes.

But when they re-examined their webs, they saw imperfections they'd missed while blind. Ashamed of their ignorance, they destroyed their webs and withdrew to dark places to rebuild them again and again, always dissatisfied. That's why today, spider webs are so beautiful, and spiders are such solitary, miserable creatures.

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Would it surprise anyone to learn that I spent three hours writing and re-writing this story in the dark? :P

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