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July 31, 2005

Volume 4, Issue 31

Breaking with days-long tradition, the theme for today is a picture:

Arrived at by running a GIS on "rand philosophy". Make of that what you will.

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He looked out across the valley at the mountain peaks over twenty miles away. In every direction, as far as he could see, everything he saw belonged to him. Over a million and a half acres, mostly virgin timber; three small towns, a dam with a generating plant, four sawmills, a fleet of trucks and equipment for moving logs and finished lumber.

He tossed the cigar butt over the railing and walked to the helicopter, its engine already spooling up to take him back to the city.

Two weeks later, once the fire was finally contained, it was all ash.

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He glanced out the window of the helicopter at his new corporate headquarters. Everything was just as he had envisaged it. He had been right to fight with the board of directors for this. It clearly symbolized the strength and stability of the company.

Besides the corporate offices the complex contained a new reasearch laboratory. Prof. Keenbean assured him that it was the finest lab of its kind in the world.

"Ok Bascome," he directed. "Take me to Richville, I have to meet Gloria for dinner."

He patted Dollar's head and thought to himself, "It's good to be the King!"

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