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July 7, 2005

Volume 3, Issue 7

If you had a gun that would kill someone for ten minutes, and only ten minutes, and never work again, who would you use it on?

The person would be clinically dead, spiritually dead, brain dead. But in ten minutes they would pop back up alive and healthy. The only lasting effect would be that their hands turned bright, five-mile bright, orange. And your hands turned blue.

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The Eschatologist: The Greatest Show On Earth

The midway was no way to make a living.

With dayglow orange hands, a scarring after-effect of this carnival work, Finn took a long drag from his cigarette, gently put it down on the table next to him, then waited.

Across from him, a gaggle of teenagers nudged their football star, who picked up the ACME ZipPow raygun. Grinning, Jockboy pointed and shot Finn dead.

Within three seconds, Jockboy noticed his bright blue hands and ran off screaming. Ten minutes after, Finn woke up without a scratch, took out a shiny new ZipPow and waited for the next sucker.

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Tanya: Freedom

She lowered her head as they forced her into the police car, keeping her eyes locked on the ambulance, where they carried his lifeless body, dusted with snow. She smiled as the paramedics lowered the sheet over his beautiful face, then flinched as the first of his fans slammed against the window, willing it to break so they could rip her to death with their bare hands.

By the time she arrived at the station, and they discovered the blue skin under her gloves, he’d have escaped. And within twelve hours, they’d both be on their way to South America.

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Ted: The Club

I looked at my colorless hands. Tonight would change everything. After tonight, I would be in the Band of the Hand, or a fruit-boy.

I walked up to the entrance and gave it the knock. The eye looking out of the slide took it's time about making up it's minimal mind before letting me in.

The bouncer, with his bright blue hands, wanted to know next of kin, marital status, employer, residence, and probate status. The dead in this club are dead in all but fact, so the Law requires paperwork.

"Welcome to Club Duello. Prepare to duel by nine."

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