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July 4, 2005

Volume 3, Issue 4

This turned up in a GIS for "4th of July"...

(click for larger)

Everyone have a safe and happy 4th!

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Michele: Gone on the Fourth of July

It was the during the annual Fourth of July Golf Tournament when Todd went nuts. They say it was inevitable, but I guess the kicker was when the old man made Todd dress up like that for the holiday.

You should have seen him, clopping down the street in his stilts, yelling “I got your golf balls right here, buddy!”

They chased him in golf carts, a convoy of caddies and councilmen shaking their clubs and swearing vengeance on poor Todd.

He kept running and clopping even when the carts stopped chasing. We never saw him again.

Maybe you have?

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Ted: Take Me to Your Leader

Zoltari was ready. On his homeworld, he had studied this society's evolution. He was dazed by how fast things moved, how quickly ideas flowed and mutated into something new, how old ideas were revered only until the latest cultural referent changed the direction society was moving.

Some things in this universe were worth saving. Some ideas and ideals were universal and shouldn't be masked or ridiculed by the whims of a few. Zoltari donned his costume and went forth to save the one nation on this entire planet who had demonstrated the truth that the universe already knew.

Freedom is.

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Tanya: Stilts

He cautiously snuck another peek behind him to see if the were still following. Sure enough, try as he might, he just couldn’t shake them. He had spent the whole morning dashing around corners and hiding in stores, only to find them spying on him every time he relaxed. It was like this every day. Sometimes he couldn’t even bear to leave the house.

The paparazzi were bad enough, but he had never expected this. Playing center for the US Men’s Olympic basketball team had been his lifelong dream, but dodging these freakish Shriner’s tour groups was driving him crazy.

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