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June 3, 2005

Tanya: Hunting season

Speeding along on the interstate, she has time to think "What a beautiful deer!" before the inevitable "He was much nicer when he wasn't in my lane."

Then there are only squealing tires, rending steel, and breaking glass. When she opens her eyes, the car is still, sprawled diagonally across the two far right lanes.

In her lacerated and bloody condition, she can't check for herself, but the paramedic verifies for her that the score is Honda 1, Deer 0. And since this is Oklahoma, he doesn't even bat an eye when she asks him to get her the rack.

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Um... do we get a hint who wrote it?

Posted by: Keiran Halcyon at June 3, 2005 5:50 AM · Permalink

Sorry. Pre-caffeine.

Posted by: Tanya at June 3, 2005 6:44 AM · Permalink

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