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June 8, 2005

Stacy: Oogabooga This

"Oogabooga," shouted the weirdly dressed native.

Ixi glanced back at the other members of his team.

:What’s all this then?: he tightbeamed Oto, chief science being.

Oto turned one eyestalk towards Ixi.

:Some kind of mating plumage, perhaps?:

Ixi shrugged, pushed past the native. Time was short, retrieval was in less than nine limtecs.

"Dudes, those are some rad costumes," the native slurred, the odor of grain alcohol overwhelming the team's biofilters. The native grabbed for Ixi’s eyestalks as they passed. Then there was a small pile of dust instead of the native.

The team continued on through the crowd.

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