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June 29, 2005

Volume 2, Issue 29

From Warren Zevon's album "The Wind"

There's a train leaving nightly called "When all is said and done."
Keep me in your heart for while

The theme for the day is the word train.

[Admin note: We send our condolences to 100 Words author Laurence on the loss of his beloved cat, Edloe. You can leave a note for Laurence here if you wish]

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Tanya: Treason

The evil king surveyed his slaves gleefully, as they constructed the scaffold. His two finest spies had just returned with news of the traitorous Rogers, and the gallows must be ready for his imminent capture.

The lovely Queen Sara sympathized with Rogers, but no longer dared to plead for his life, lest she find herself in the noose beside him. Watching her carefully, King Friday conferred quietly with the spies, X and Elaine. She overheard their diabolical plan, followed by her husband's sinister laugh.

There was a merry jingle as the once-trusted conveyance left the palace. The trap was set.

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Michele: Bang Your Head

Check out how I died: I stuck my head out the car window to whistle at a hot babe. Met up with a stop sign. Smack. Splat. Dead. I think the chick wet her pants. So now I’m on the Train of Stupid Souls, paying for my idiocy, I guess. We’re even in the proverbial tunnel. How cliche. The gods have no sense of style, originality.

Awww yea, there’s a girl on the platform. Holy hell, look at those tits. I need a closer look....I’ll just open the window a bit.....stick my head out a little....

Aaaahh, fuck.

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Ted: The New Gods Part Four

"In order to train the growth of any organism, one must first understand how that organism grows..."

Sulek listened with half his mind while the other half concentrated on the vine. He had been trying to force a leftward spiral for over a week.


He looked up and realized that Tivik had been speaking to him for minutes now. So great had his concentration been that he simply had not heard the Abbot addressing him.

"Yes, Abbot?"

"You try too hard child. You must release conscious control. The seed must have in it that which you seek to accent."

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From the Comments - By Doctor Bean

The aliens imprisoned him for almost a year. He'd read the intelligence reports before he was captured. He knew that he would be held until one of their females became fertile, then he would be forced to mate with her. Then she would eat him.

What he didn't know is that the aliens thought that making him more comfortable would facilitate impregnation. He didn't expect that they would put him through a gruesome simulated wedding before the act. The details were so wrong he almost vomited. The "bride's" veil was weaved of human hair. Her train was made of bones.

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Stacy: Labor Train

One, two, three...

He always counted the train cars as they went by. She never understood why, stared out the window, waiting for it to pass.

...thirteen, fourteen, fifteen...

She leaned her head against the cool glass, tried to slow her breathing.

...nineteen, twenty, twenty-one...

She gripped the armrest so hard her knuckles turned white, nails digging into the leather, fingers cramping.

…thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-four…

She screamed as the pain ripped through her in earnest now, and a gush of water hit the floor between her feet.

“Honey, I see the caboose! We’re almost to the hospital, just hang on!”

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