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June 11, 2005

Volume 2, Issue 11

Random line, random book:

"I wonder what cannibal cuisine is like?" I say. "Is there a cannibal cookbook?"

(The first book I actually picked up was a Russian dictionary, so consider yourselves lucky.)

Go for it.

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Michele: Wackiki

Greg laughed to himself, a low giggle that he tried to disguise by coughing.

"What can you possibly be laughing at?"

"I was just thinking of that Bugs Bunny cartoon where the two guys are stranded and..."

"....They imagine each other as hamburgers and hot dogs," Frank finished.

"Yea," Greg smiles, then sings "We're gonna have roast rabbit...." Frank joins in for a few seconds and then they both trail off into silence.

Night falls and another day without food passes.

“That’s six,” Greg whispers. He lays on the sand, tries to sleep. “Good night Frank.”

“Good night, hamburger.”


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Tanya: Coulrophobia

"I wonder what cannibal cuisine is like?" I say. "Is there a cannibal cookbook?"

"I'm pretty sure all of the recipes involve fava beans."

"And a nice chianti, yeah," I reply. The comfortable silence returns for a few minutes, as he peruses the headlines and I finish reading the article about the rescued hikers, and their traumatic six days in the mountains. Finally I can't resist any longer. "What did one cannibal say to the other cannibal, when they were eating the clown?"

He looks up and raises an eyebrow.

"Does this taste funny to you?"

"Read your paper, dork."

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Ted: A Little Knowledge

Winter was getting even colder, and was much longer than they predicted. Those who remained were beginning to starve. When the food was gone, they started to eat the books. Everything from Modern Fiction all the way to Ancient Translations was already gone. Some of the really old books had leather bindings, which made the cravings that much worse. The Head Librarian had earned her place for a reason though. She was tough. She already had killed two of the nuns for complaining. But she still wouldn't let them near the cookbook from the Travel section that she had found.

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