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May 18, 2005

The Eschatologist: Seasons

"Hedera? Wake up, woman!"

Curled in the fetal position on icy tile, she attempted to creep away from the voice, when a foot struck narcissus petals from her hand, and she flinched, weeping.

"Great Halja, the passage has stunned her." The wizened, owl-like figure smiled plaintively.

"Do you know how I had to move heaven and earth to get her here? Even as we speak, whole crops die and the sun turns her face away from us. Can you not hear her mother stomping above now? A bargain will have to be struck." Halja sighed.

"Gardener, fetch me a pomegranate."

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We read this one to the kids just last night.

Yes, they're fine...why do you ask? :)

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