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May 14, 2005

Volume 1, Issue 2

The inspiration for today's series of entries came from CreativeWritingPrompts.com - where, yesterday, Andy selected the 13th prompt as yesterday was May 13th. You're dealing with creative minds, you see. That prompt read:

Write about a weird day in your workplace.

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Michele : Mugged

Since Jen’s death her coffee mug has gone untouched. It’s like one of those roadside memorials, with the flowers and signs. Instead of roses, there’s mold.

On the third day, the mold has formed a circle the size of a Kennedy half dollar. It’s a small bruise; black and green with a crop of fuzzy pus around the edge.

By the fifth day a layer of dust has formed on the outside of the mug, and Garfield and Odie sport a five o’clock shadow of grime.

On the seventh day, a new girl takes Jen’s spot. The mug is gone.

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Stacy: Dorfman

They just took Dorfman out in a body bag. Which is good, because he was beginning to smell, and I have to get this report done by five.

The cops interrupt me with questions. No, nobody liked Dorfman, he was weird and he smelled like onions all the time. People would walk across the room just to avoid the stench coming from his cubicle.

Not that he smelled any better dead.

No, I don't know who might have wanted him dead. Someone who was trying to get their report done, maybe? Ha ha.

Twenty minutes to five. Back to work.

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