Our Favorite Issues

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Volume 1, Issue 5

Some people suffer for their art, but whatever you do, don't lose your head.

Today's theme is "a severed head."

Volume 1, Issue 9

This picture was recently snapped for another project site, Inappropriately Dressed.

Let's imagine the life and times of this individual, shall we?

UPDATE - Our undying thanks to Johnny Catbird for much fiddling yesterday to try and get the word count script to be less arse-tastic.

Volume 1, Issue 11

You like soup, don't you?

Then you'll like the theme.

Because it's "Soup."

Volume 1, Issue 13

Hey, little girl

click for bigger.

Find your inner demons and let them loose.

Volume 1, Issue 15

Since we have so many who are so entertainingly composing futuristic pieces, let's have a dedicated sci-fi theme today, but with some "don't"s instead of "do"s:

- Don't make the setting on Earth.
- Don't include aliens.
- Don't rip off any previously established mythos (ie. Star Trek, Galactica, etc.).

That's some pretty wide latitude but I think this group can more than handle it. Good luck!

Volume 2, Issue 4

Your watch just stopped.

Volume 2, Issue 6


Large version of this aurora can be found here.

One man's aurora is another's something else entirely.

Volume 2, Issue 13
"...Sleeping cities are tame and harmless things.

What I fear...is that one day the cities will waken. That one day the cities will rise."

Old Man in World's End, by Neil Gaimain (Sandman, Vol. 8)

Volume 2, Issue 26

Today's theme comes from an album cover:

Mike Oldfield, Crises

Click for bigger. Have at it.

Volume 3, Issue 10

Jorge Luis Borges, one of the finest writers to walk the Earth, published in 1967 El libro de los seres imginarios (The Book of Imaginary Beings), based on an earlier work called Manual de zoología fantástica from 1957.

In this work he described a great many fantastic beasts from literature and from his own imagination. Your task is to envision a new entry for the catalog of imagined creatures. It can be either from literature or completely made up. I suggest check out a few entries at the link above. Enjoy!


In honor of our internet service being down...AGAIN... please write something today regarding being completely cut off from civilization.


Look out! Space aliens are landing!


You have synesthesia. What's your world like?


What's the story here? [click for bigger]

A painting by Robert Dowling. More of his work can be found here.


The old gods are walking among us, but they are forced to take on a more mundane form...kinda like Jason Mewes. Who else in public life is actually one of the Old Ones.

(difficulty: must be some human shaped celeb)


Robert Anton Wilson passed on last Thursday.

In Memoriam, the theme of today will be Illumination


Today's entries should be about "treasure."


Today's theme: Syllepsis. (You'll have to scroll down a bit, alas.). Also known as Zeugma. Use (at least) one in today's story.

Good luck!


Today's theme is...

Just add water.


Today's theme was suggested by Jason (Thanks, Jason!). If you have a theme idea, please tell us using the THEME SUBMISSIONS box to the right.

The theme is Deadline At Work.


But why is all the rum gone?