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September 28, 2007


For today's theme, retell the myth of your choice in modern day terms.

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David: Information Wants To Be Free!

Prometheus42 had done it. It had been difficult and tricky, but he’d finally cracked the last firewall and downloaded a copy of the kernel from Redmond’s servers.

He knew he was boned now. It was only a matter of time before Gates sent his minions after Prometheus42. He had only one option.

He uploaded the Windows source code to mirror sites on five continents. Then, he posted on comp.sci and his blog. Within minutes, Fark and Technorati picked up the links.

Cops were banging on his door. Prometheus42 took one last sip of Mountain Dew and basked in his glory.

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Ted: Full Grown

The Athena Project, the last, best hope for the North American Union, was the brainchild of Stephan Galikinoucous, commonly known in the press as Professor Zeus, even though he had never actually taught at the collegiate level.

His device was radical, yet it was as easy to use as all his other inventions. Once the Olympian Waste Liberators (OWLs) were in place, energy was practically free.

When the Shield came on line, Athena was complete.

"How did I think this up? It just popped into my head full grown and demanded to be let out," he told the assembled reporters.

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Jeff R.:The Price of a Weapon

It had been a long time since anyone called her Teardrop. On the streets, everything gets shortened, truncated, cut off.

Tear sold her body for cash. She kept off the drugs, away from the pimps. But
sometimes the beasts came after her. She ran, but sometimes they caught up.

Tired of the beatings, she went to a street doc. It turns out she had something other than sex left to sell; a good, transplant-ready eyeball fetched a bundle.

She spent it putting a laser cannon in the empty left socket. A few melted faces later, she had an effective deterrent.

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