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August 19, 2010

Todd: No Tip

Grim caught the pouch in the air without taking his eyes off the priest and tossed it back to Blue. The unmistakable jingle brought a smile to his scarred face.

"Well, I guess that'll be all." The sweaty priest picked up his pack and made for the door quickly. "His Eminence expresses his thanks."

Grim kicked his feet up on the table, popped the cork on his wine and toasted the retreating man.

"Anytime, my good fellow. We cater to all!"

"Uh, Grim, this ain't..."

A knife flew through the smoky air, pinning the priest's trembling sleeve to the door.

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August 20, 2010

Todd: The Eidetic

"I've got it."

Blue frowned. "Look, there's no way you have all that. Let's go over it again..."

Vilick raised his voice. "I said I've got it, dammit."

Other heads came up around the smoky room. Conversations fell silent. The din of celebration slowed somewhat, especially at nearby tables, where hard men with harder looks paused in their drinking and gaming to stare.

"Keep your fucking voice down!" Blue hissed. Grim, positioned two tables over, let his hand slowly slip into his coat.

"I've. Got. The. Plan."

"After one telling? A year long job involving about twenty different people?"

Vil snorted. "Chief, I remember everything."

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August 23, 2010

Todd: Rules

"It ain't right, that's all." Grim looked his name today.

"Of course it ain't right, but it needs doin'. I hate it as much as you do, but there's no one else who could, or would." Blue slid out of his saddle and pulled a rope off his bag. He eyed enough length of it while Grim grunted and slid off his horse. He reached up and pulled the sack off the head of a third rider. He spit on Grim immediately.

"Shit on the both of ya!"

"Always a charmer, aren't you, Tyle?"

Blue took the coil of rope and swung it around a strong looking oak branch, giving it a good tug.

"...the hell?" Tyle franticly jerked as the noose went around his neck.

"No killing kids, that's our law. You gotta swing for it."

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