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January 9, 2007

Stacy: Kobe or Not Kobe...That is the Question

“Hey, you there… more beer.”

The serving boy scurried over with a full bucket. He doled out the honey colored brew, then bowed deeply and backed out of the room.

“This is the life, isn’t it, Ed? I don’t know what we did to deserve a vacation in Japan but it sure beats hanging out in a field in California.”

“Sure is, Phil. But what’s with all the beer? Don’t they know this stuff is fattening?”

A lovely kimono-clad girl stepped into the room.

“Time fow you massages,” she chirped in broken English.

“Yep,” sighed Ed, “this is the life.”

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January 10, 2007

Stacy: Fledgeling

The noise was too low to hear at first. It was more something that could be felt, a discomfort. The rumble built in volume and intensity. Sand, dirt and small pebbles began vibrating, dislodging each other into a miniature landslide pouring down the hillside.

Larger boulders began to move as the earth beneath them shifted, tumbling down the hill, knocking more and more rocks loose.

At the bottom of the hill, the pile of rocks began to rearrange itself, climbing on top of each other to form a rudimentary bipedal form.

The baby garignak was ready to leave the nest.

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February 6, 2007

Stacy: Closing Time

“I’m serious, I just heard it on the news. There’s a comet heading this way and it’s going to wipe out all life.”

Her big blue eyes got even bigger, as the tears started.

“No, baby, it’s ok, I’m here. Why don’t we go back to my place and just crawl under the covers. At least we’ll have each other until the… sniff …end.”

She took put down her drink and slid off the barstool, taking his outstretched hand.

A sultry brunette slinked by, eyeing the blonde pityingly.

“Jesus, Director Griffin, don’t you ever get busted on that comet line?”

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February 8, 2007

Stacy: Inevitability

“Well,” said the first snowflake, whose name was Bob.

“Yep, we’re falling,” replied Bill, the second snowflake.

“About time,” said Bob. “That cloud was getting boring.”

“Indeed it was,” agreed Bill. He tipped over and peered below.

“Wonder what’s down there,” he muttered.

Bob shrugged four arms.

“Eh, what does it matter, it’s not like we can stop falling.”

They laughed ruefully.

“Look,” said Bob, “I see something!”

Bill looked down, curiously. There was something there… It looked like a cave, with a… worm?

“Bob, LOOK OUT!!!” screamed Bill.

“Aieee!” screamed Bob.

“Yum,” said the little boy.

“Ew,” said Bill.

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June 29, 2007

Stacy: The Cleaner

Aleksander in Budapest. Leon in Paris. Sergei in Vladivostok.

Someone was systematically wiping out our agents, and I had to find out who. And end them.

I came up short in Beirut, the target had just left. Missed again in Seoul, by three days. After spending four days, and five informants, in the EU, I finally I felt I had solid lead.

I arrived in Miami, collected my case and procured a hotel room. It was then I discovered that the case, not mine obviously, contained a disassembled oboe. And that, sir, is why I utilized a 1954 Plymouth instead.

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