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April 22, 2008

Stacy: Yin vs. Yang

“You’re bringing apprentices into the field, Harris,” I snarled. “You know that violates the Accords.”

He smirked but didn’t reply... which meant his mizuko had just about finished surrounding me and the whimpering kid whose hair I currently had knotted in my fist. I tightened my grip, just to get their attention, and the kid yelped.

“Ah, Raphael… still not very smart, are you?”

His smirk faltered a bit.

“We’re getting closer,” I said. “And there’s nothing you can do.”

He opened his mouth to speak, and I popped the smoker hidden in my hand.

Come and get ‘em, boys.

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April 23, 2008

Stacy: One Little Mistake

“Willow, how could you?”

She started like a nervous horse. Apprentices never got used to the lack of doors in the Training House.

“Don’t look at me like that, Uzi. He’s not a bad person.”

The headache I’d awoken with increased in intensity. Would the gods not deliver me from youngsters who confused hormones for love?

“Child, he is mizuko. He is yin to our yang. Literally. You know they exist only to undo our work. They thrive on discord…”

She flushed guiltily.

“He’s… not like the others.”

Same story. Same book even.

“Enough. We must go before the Council.”

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March 11, 2009

Stacy: Interruptions

I paced slowly backwards, pulling the rake, smoothing the tumbled gravel into orderly lines. With each pass I felt my breathing slow, and my ki become still as a mountain lake.

After recent events this mundane exercise meant more to me than I could explain. Raphael’s mizuko were anathema, their creation an abomination, a stain on his soul that could never be erased. It was my sacred duty to send him to Tamonten for judgement.

A deadly little throwing star appeared in the bamboo shaft of the rake between my hands, and an insolent voice drawled, “Thinking of me, love?”

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March 12, 2009

Stacy: Consequences

We circled each other warily. I was infuriated Raphael had dared set foot in my uchi, my home. His very presence was a desecration and this time he would pay with his heart’s blood.

He drew his cursed daito and I reflected my grand plan might succeed somewhat better had I any weapon more sturdy than a bamboo rake. But it would do for now.

I kicked the rake head off the staff and slashed lightning fast. He barely parried with the sword and I saw surprise light up his eyes. Yes, kisama, I can kill you with a stick.

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March 24, 2009

Stacy: In the Character Lounge

“What’s she doing,” asked Patience.

“Procrastinating,” answered the Jack impatiently.

Uzi shushed him.

“Quiet, you. In such a hurry to return to the scene of the crime, are you?”

The Jack glared, Uzi glared back.

Cori snorted, most unladylike.

“You all complain, but every last one of you is kind of in a tight spot right now. Just enjoy the calm while it lasts.”

A chorus of jeers greeted this suggestion.

Comnard Vertnor beeped irritably, tentacles curling.

“You Hu-mans, so noisy! I should eliminate you all.”

Vertnor turned puce as Patience drew her pistol, cocked it meaningfully.

“Patience,” she said.

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