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March 10, 2009

Jeff R.: Prep Work

Lise looked over her spiral-bound notebook, through flat-lensed glasses whenever the tour guide finished describing each precolonial craftwork exhibit. She scanned the room, saw where the group was going, and shuffled after, making shorthand notes while walking.

A couple of men tried flirting with her. She waved them off, displaying the cubic zirconium on her finger.

When the tour ended, she had what she needed: detailed notes on the security measures in the east wing. Next week, when the tribal kitsch was replaced with material on loan from West Africa (including one million-dollar emerald), she hoped she'd have a plan...

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March 13, 2009

Jeff R.: Dream Come True

Vic Thackaray felt like the luckiest guy in the world. Two days ago, on his 18th birthday, he'd left foster care forever. Yesterday, he found his sister Lise, after almost ten years apart.

And today, he was zooming down Main at 120 miles an hour in a car filled with four of the hottest women he'd ever seen. Mind, one was his sister at least one was probably a committed lesbian, but still.

Then there was the money. Which depended on the sixth member of the team slipping out of the museum as planned.

Unfortunately, Vic's luck was not contageous.

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March 17, 2009

Jeff R.: Square One

"Maybe a helicopter?" suggested Vic tentatively.

"Maybe forty years ago. These days they watch the airspace like a hawk," said Lise.

It was a tough problem. The police never recovered the Emerald, which meant Tysh either stashed it somewhere or still had it. Besides, she'd worked with Lise often enough that she was practically family. They had to get her out of prison. The judge wouldn't even consider bail, so...

"A tunnel?" asked Li.

"The water table's too high. I checked," said Lise. "I think we're stuck with the original plan."
Vic grinned. He'd always wanted to drive an ambulance.

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March 30, 2009

Jeff R.: Playing Doctor

Vic turned the key. The engine cranked a few times, but wouldn't start. He wasn't surprised. It had taken a while to start in the morning, and they'd had to wait longer than expected on Li and Tysh.

He gave a little more gas, and tried again. The engine reluctantly started. Then there was a knock on the back door.

It opened up and the prison guards pushed another gurney into the ambulance. "Hope you've got room for one more," said the guard. "Appendix burst just after you left."

The door closed, and Vic shifted into drive, beginning to sweat.

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April 8, 2009

Jeff R.: Playing Doctor (2)

Li held the scalpel, whispering softly to herself "I can do this."

"She can?" asked Vic.

"Of course she can," said Lise. "She was about six months away from becoming a Resident, before-"

"Wait," interrupted the patient. "How come a Marshall and an EMT know each other so well?"

"This is your lucky day," said Tysh. "They're both friends of mine, and you won't have to be going back to jail."

"Oh. Sounds good. But wait: shouldn't I be under first?"

"I'm sorry, but anestheseology was the one rotation I never did."

"Oh. My lucky day, huh?"

Li began cutting.

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June 1, 2010

Jeff R.:Square Zero

"The bus? Really?"

"Well, I had to stash it somewhere. They do body cavity searches at the real jail. I tried to find someplace in the holding cell downtown, but I had a roommate," said Tysh.

"That would have been better?" asked Vic.

"Actually, it would have. We could just have someone with a clean-ish record get arrested on some petty charge and grab it," said Li.

"Twelve cells, maybe four of us who could try. Bad odds," said Lise. "And getting into that bus means getting caught at something much more serious. Not an option. Any more bright ideas?"

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