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June 13, 2005

From the Comments: Jeff R.

There are places the wise does not go. Most cities sleep peacefully, as you know, and through the corridors of their dreams run some of the interconnections we have used. Others are awake. There are secret ways to these places, through hollowings, sympathetic porticos and the like. Only the foolish use them.

You know of some of these wakeful cities. Oak Ridge plots against its neighbors, to keep them divided and weak. Atlanta, the new Atlanta, mourns restlessly for its lost parent. On the Bosphorous, Byzantium, Constantinople, and Istambul still wrestle. And Hong Kong seethes with a need for vengeance.

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January 17, 2007

Jeff R.:Beneath the Streets of Susa

They passed through a metal door with silver and gold adornments, and were in the hall of kings. The first tomb, Prester John's own, was the grandest. The passage led past a series of tombs growing less involved as he walked, until he reached his Grandfather's tomb and the one reserved for Ivat.
"Is there anything more to say?" asked Jake.
"Not by us." said Aaron. He twisted the urn's bottom, opening a hidden compartment, revealing an envelope. Placing the urn in it's resting place, he opened the letter. "Your uncle left some final words, however." He began to read.

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February 1, 2007

Jeff R.:Within the Bridge-Fort

Aaron poked Jake, then pointed to the far wall. "Can you see anything there?" he asked.

"A wall?" answered Jake dully.

"Close you eyes, count to eleven, and look again."

Jake closed his eyes and counted in his head. When he reached eleven, he saw, where only stone had been, another Blue Door. It's patterns were similar in style but vastly different otherwise to the first.

Aaron could tell Jake saw it now. "The trick is the looking again. The rest is but a gimmick."

"Where does this one go?"

"A cave near a beach on the island of Cyprus."

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August 17, 2007

Jeff R.: Home, Briefly

"Even if I wanted to," said Jake, "I can't. I lost my magic key. I won't step through a Blue Door with no way of getting back."

"How can you lose your key?" asked Crona.

"Well, there was a battle with a fire wizard going on." answered Jake

"No, no, I mean that you cannot. Your key is in your blood, your ancestry. Having that, you could use with any key: the key to your apartment, your car, anything. Mere confidence that it will open suffices. You could carve teeth into a stick, and open a Blue Door with it."

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May 12, 2010

Jeff R.: War Stories

"So what is this weapon, anyhow? Something like a dragon?"

"I do not know, exactly. But not a dragon. If any of those survived the Long October they would be there as citizens, not weapons."

"So dragons are... a kind of... faerie?"

"No, not as such. But they were strong allies, during the great war, along with the Naga and the unbound Djinn. And during the Long October we had the same enemies."

"And it still took ten years to win?"

"The other side had its allies, too. Sorcerors, and things they bound. Things without names in any human tongue."

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