Frequently Asked Questions

What's all this then?

This is 100 Word Stories. The regular authors take turns posting themes then we all write exactly 100 words about them.

How can I play too?

Readers are more than welcome to join in, by posting their own 100 word stories in the comment section of the theme post. Each day, we will choose the story we like best from the comments and post it on the front page, along with a link to the author’s site/email address, their choice.

How can I become a front page contributor?

By regularly posting your own oustanding submissions in the theme entry comment section. Comment stars have been promoted to front-page authors in the past and will be again in the future.

Does the title of the entry count towards the 100 word limit?

No, and it doesn’t count for commenters, either, so feel free to include a title.

How do I make sure my entry is 100 words?

The comment page of the theme entry has a convenient calculator. Many word processors (like Word) and blogging clients (like ecto) will do word counting -- though sometimes they disagree with each other (Is "..." a word? Some programs think so).

Or you can, y'know...count.

Are there any prizes?

Isn't the possibility of getting posted on the Front Page reward enough?

What about copyrights?

If you post it on 100 Words, we have the right to include it in any eventual book deal. (Odds of that are about equal to Ted going a month without writing any curse words, but if it should happen, you will certainly get credit/a cut of the bananas.) If you you want to publish somewhere else, knock yourself out...just don't touch anyone else's stuff (from 100 Words) or we'll sic David on you.

Will there ever be a 100 Words convention?

No. Because although we like to read the stuff you write, meeting you in person would mean we have to come out of our fortified compound. And there are zombies afoot.

What about 100 Words podcasts?

You know, some of us really don't care about this whole podcasting thing. This is the Internets, you see, not radio. If any of our writers cares to actually record their stories, then they're perfectly capable of inserting a link to the podcast into their post, and if they do you'll see an appropriate link somewhere therein.

Is Ted really a killing machine from the future?

Not from the future, no....