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May 17, 2010

Dave: A Private Little Death

"That," Roger said, "is a great deal of money."

Lopez nodded. "That is but a down payment."

Roger considered how many months rent, office and apartment, the valise would cover. "What services are we talking about rendering?"

"There is a man I would like killed."

Roger closed the valise and pushed it back across the desk. "I don't kill for hire. Missing persons, divorce photos, fine. No killings."

"You killed during the war."

"Uncle Sam said it was okay. Given the targets, I agreed."

Lopez leaned forward. "When you hear the target in this case, you will agree as well."

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May 18, 2010

Dave: The Forgotten Dead

"Mr. Donne, I'm a dead man."

Roger shrugged. "Aren't we all? Just some of us sooner than later." He sipped his coffee. "Who's gunning for you?"

"No," McRae said. "I mean -- I'm dead." His fingers touched his wrist. "No pulse. Room temp. Only breathe if I gotta talk." He demonstrated. "I'm dead."

Roger eyeballed the other's mouth. Nothing pointy there. And he was a bit chatty for a zombie. "What happened?"

"I don't remember anything for the last six months. And I was alive then." He sighed, rattling. "That's why I want to hire you. To find out what happened."

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May 21, 2010

Dave - Good for what ails you

"You're not leaving," Chrys told him, "until you take your medicine."

Roger made a face. "Tea is not medicine. Sticky, bad-tasting goop is medicine. Aspirin is medicine. Sulfa is medicine. Penicillin is medicine."

"And none of those will help fighting off this bug. It's magic."

"Penicillin's pretty good against lycanthropy," he said, sullenly. "There was this time in Austria --"

"But not against this." She clucked her tongue, then sighed. "I guarantee this will help. My family has been blending this tea for two thousand years. Just ask Uncle Ho."

"Your Uncle Ho is two thousand years old."

"See? It works."

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