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August 23, 2010


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Todd: Rules

"It ain't right, that's all." Grim looked his name today.

"Of course it ain't right, but it needs doin'. I hate it as much as you do, but there's no one else who could, or would." Blue slid out of his saddle and pulled a rope off his bag. He eyed enough length of it while Grim grunted and slid off his horse. He reached up and pulled the sack off the head of a third rider. He spit on Grim immediately.

"Shit on the both of ya!"

"Always a charmer, aren't you, Tyle?"

Blue took the coil of rope and swung it around a strong looking oak branch, giving it a good tug.

"...the hell?" Tyle franticly jerked as the noose went around his neck.

"No killing kids, that's our law. You gotta swing for it."

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Caitlin: Playing God

“I take no joy in this!” I shouted to the heavens. “How many times have you meddled? And NOW you’re gonna take the high road?” I waited, but didn’t actually expect a response. And I got none.

With a sigh, I got the bow and arrow out of the basement. Yeah, I know. You’d think I keep it in some shrine or something. But I haven’t needed in eons, and anyway, humans don’t need any more sacred items.

For the past 30 years, my hunting’s been a shadow of itself. It was about to take on a brand new meaning.

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Stacy: Entertain Me

"You'll do it," he said calmly, as if we were discussing the weather, "or your sister will be punished for your insubordination."

I looked at Silence, my baby sister. She stood as straight as an elven year old could stand, but I could see the fear in her eyes. I looked at Justice. My brother, becoming a man sooner than any 16 year old should. His eyes met mine and we knew we had no choice.

I unsheathed my knife and stepped into the ring. Justice stepped into the other side. We bowed to each other and began to circle.

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