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June 1, 2010


Today's theme: "It sounded like a good idea at the time."

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Caitlin: A Zombie in the Hand is Worth...

I knew it was dangerous, but I figured as long as we had enough firepower and enough chain, we’d be okay. Besides, it made surviving so much easier. The hardest part about firepower was just getting to the shops alive: Spot solved that.

Not that it was easy keeping a live zombie in camp. He made weird noises, and when the chain clanked, we’d start awake, grabbing guns. We finally decided on Valium and a nightly watch schedule. Each of us would get a good night’s sleep at least three nights a week. Until Brian fell asleep during his watch.

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Jeff R.:Square Zero

"The bus? Really?"

"Well, I had to stash it somewhere. They do body cavity searches at the real jail. I tried to find someplace in the holding cell downtown, but I had a roommate," said Tysh.

"That would have been better?" asked Vic.

"Actually, it would have. We could just have someone with a clean-ish record get arrested on some petty charge and grab it," said Li.

"Twelve cells, maybe four of us who could try. Bad odds," said Lise. "And getting into that bus means getting caught at something much more serious. Not an option. Any more bright ideas?"

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