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May 21, 2010


Today's theme is "you forgot your medicine."

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Dave - Good for what ails you

"You're not leaving," Chrys told him, "until you take your medicine."

Roger made a face. "Tea is not medicine. Sticky, bad-tasting goop is medicine. Aspirin is medicine. Sulfa is medicine. Penicillin is medicine."

"And none of those will help fighting off this bug. It's magic."

"Penicillin's pretty good against lycanthropy," he said, sullenly. "There was this time in Austria --"

"But not against this." She clucked her tongue, then sighed. "I guarantee this will help. My family has been blending this tea for two thousand years. Just ask Uncle Ho."

"Your Uncle Ho is two thousand years old."

"See? It works."

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Stacy: Doctoring

“I,” I said through gritted teeth, “am walking out of here.”

Doc snorted.

“Crawling maybe. Come on Patience, don’t be a mule, lie back down. You need to rest.”

I reached for the absent gun on my hip, going to teach that boy some manners, then my eyes crossed and I fell back on the bed. I decided right then that being hit in the back of the head was one of my least favorite pastimes, and resolved to shoot the next person who tried it.

Doc pulled the covers over me, all gentleman-like, not an inappropriate hand anywhere.


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