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April 3, 2009


Singing for your life.

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LJ: A Life in Song

When you die, there is no heaven or hell. Just the music.

All the recently dead surround you, singing their lives: their joys, their sorrows, their regrets. It is quite possibly the most beautiful sound ever heard.

In time, you join in. You sing about the light and darkness in your life. It is soul music, in the realest sense.

Once you have sung what did happen, you sing your regrets, that which did not happen but should have. You express what you'd do, given another chance.

And that last song creates your next life, the "another chance" you wanted.

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Jeff R.:Another Scene from Dystopia! The Musical

Oh, I....
Was born in a tube,
Raised in a box.

And I....
Learned how to steal,
Learn to pick locks.

It was not an easy live to live, out on the street.
Taking money from Alphas just to live, for something to eat.

Morality and sanity were never on my plate
On good days, maybe rice and beans and goo.
To feed a mighty hunger something ever seemed to sate
A treadmill running landing me in front...of...you
So I'm pleading for the mercy of the State

JUDGE (Spoken): Mercy? For the likes of you? (Slowly Turns Thumb Downward.)

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