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April 3, 2008


You've just been bitten.

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Dave: Taxonomy

"Okay, I've cleaned it, slathered it with antiseptic, and confirmed your shots for rabies and conventional mouth-borne pathogens."

"But I'll be okay?"

"How the hell should I know in this city? Was the cat girl who bit you a mutant? If so, human or feline stock? Was she a were-cat?  A felinoid alien?  A cat girl-shaped robot? Do you even know?"

"She -- got away."

"So we have no real idea whether you're likely to suffer from a disease, curse, chest-burster, poison, fleas or what. Next time, bring in the perp."

"Um ... maybe you should look at these scratches, too."

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LJ: True Progress

After five weeks of horrific, calculated torture, he woke up... completely undamaged.

"Wha..." he murmured through lips that had yesterday been too puffy to speak through. "What the fuck happened?"

I stepped out of the shadows and smiled; the smile became a feral grin as I saw the realization dawn on his face. "Oh, God, no," he said, struggling at the chains that still confined him. To his surprise, with a screech, they gave way under his newfound strength. "You bastard!!" he screamed.

I nodded. "You're about to get very thirsty. So, let's talk about that tainted blood, shall we?"

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