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December 19, 2007


You're going on a trip. Why is that horrible?

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Ted: Crossing the Plains

Lipkok knew there could be only one reason that his father had chosen to Walk. He had committed some crime. Not like his own accidental spillage of water; that only cost him three days staked out in the sun. No one would Walk unless they had done something atrocious.

He went to his Uncle, who was bound to tell him only the truth.

"Brother of my Father, what was his crime?"

His Uncle stood mute. If he spoke at all, it must be to answer, and his shame was too great.

Lipkok turned around and went to gather his gear.

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Jim: The Promised Land

There were a lot of faces in the milling crowd but only one that Jelani recognized. “Bodede, old friend,” he said. “It’s good to see you again.”

“You, too, Jelani,” Bodede smiled, a flash of white teeth. “Did you hear the rumor that we’re going on a sea voyage?”

Jelani nodded. “That’s not a rumor. The Portuguese traders who came to my village told the elders there was plenty of honest work in the lands far across the western ocean.”

“That’s good to know,” Bodede said. “But did those foreigners tell you why they wanted us to wear these chains?”

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From The Comments: Meowbag

It’s Christmas and the night is icy here, but not where you’re going. Where you’re going, there are olive trees, oranges so ripe they will pop on the branches, dripping juice into your mouth. There will be children to play with and caves to explore.

I’ve packed your bag. You won’t need much. Maybe a toothbrush, if you insist. There is no more food for you here, no more room for you to live.

No questions now, just pay attention. Otherwise you won’t get there. Go out the door. Walk straight into the snow. Never turn back.

Yes, it’s magic.

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