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December 14, 2007


Today's theme is slime.

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Stacy: Biological Imperative

It slides through the pipes, seeking warmth, the heat of living things. It leaves a trail of viscous slime behind, a warning of its presence were there any to see.

It has been without a host for some time, a time of pain and cold. It needs the warmth and life of organisms to thrive, to multiply. And it needs to multiply. That drive is a rippling pain across its primitive nervous system. Feed, grow, divide.

It stops as a warm draft crosses its path. Faintly, from above, “Mooom, where’s the toothpaste?”

It slides up the pipe, towards the warmth.

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Jim: Technological Countermeasure

“Don’t we have any watermelon flavored?” Susie whined.

“Use the rest of this bubblegum toothpaste,” her mother replied. “When this is gone you can pick out a new flavor.”

Susie sighed with all the weary exasperation her nine-and-one-half years allowed, squeezed the paste onto her toothbrush, and began scrubbing her teeth. Then she looked away from the mirror and into the sink. “Eeeew, gross!” she mumbled through a mouthful of foam.

Then Susie turned the faucet all the way until, with a squishy slurp, the pressure from water rising in the sink pushed the emerging slime back down the drain.

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