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December 12, 2007


You're so angry, you could just...

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David: Portrait of Bruce As a Boy

“Oh, I’m so angry, I could metamorphose into a giant green mindless man-monster who goes on a rampage of destruction from one end of the country to the other, using my rage-fueled legs to jump miles at a time from one population center to another, bashing and smashing all the way. The army would get involved, sure, but my fury is such that their bullets and rockets would be useless against me. I would tear their tanks like tissue paper and spread the debris all across the Mojave Desert.”

“Dude, that’s got to be the worst metaphor I’ve ever heard.”

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From The Comments: Meowbag

He spoke. She stared at him. She smiled.

Her anger had been like boiling molasses running through her brain, coating every peaceful instinct and giving way to the Dark Thoughts. In her mind, the Guardians of Conduct had sprung up and struggled against the Dark Thoughts, retreating at Kindness and taking a final stand at Mercy. Armed with patience, she had fought alongside them. She had been so angry, she could have killed him with one bare hand. She had resisted.

But then he had said “Calm down.”

This, in her book, was the Divine go-ahead to finish him off.

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