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December 4, 2007


...weld, meld, or spelled...

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David: Feypunk

“Nobody rides for free.” I completed the chant as I lowered my dirigible to the roadside for the hitchhiker.

“That’s not what most folks say when they pick me up,” replied the comely lass as she vaulted over the handrail.

“I don’t go in for that. This is a working vessel. She’s got needs. A couple of struts in the back have come loose, if you’re a steady hand with a torch. Or, there’s some stress fractures in the hull that need to be patched. Or, if you’re as Fair as you look, we could use a friendly nor'easter gale.”

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Dave: "Togetherness"

The first crone spoke.  "Let them be bound together, metals alloyed, melted, fused, bound by their substance for all time."

The second crone spoke.  "Let them be blurred, combined, made one out of two, made sole out of few, bound in mind for all time."

The third crone spoke.  "Let them be hemmed in, contained in arcane, drawn so tightly they are bound in soul for all time."

Roger leaned his head back to Chrys's ear.  "You know, in the right circumstances, this could actually be romantic."

She snorted.  "Yeah, without ropes and if it were a blessing, not a curse."

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Ted: Forged

The Smith of Janpur held the two billets in the coals with his bare hands. As the metals heated and began to soften, he gently pinched pieces off both and rolled them together, melding them into an alloy stronger than either one alone.

When he had three fists worth, he pulled the glowing orb out and threw it onto his anvil. First using his fingers, he shaped the blade. Then, hammer welded the Bloodstone into the hilt. His own blood, collected under the noon sun, tempered the blade and completed the spell.

This was a blade to slay the Dragon.

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From the Comments: Ree

“Ma’am, I’d like to ask you a few questions regarding the disappearance of your ex-husband. May I come in?”

“Well, I haven’t heard from him in a while, but please come in, Detective. I’ve got coffee.”


“Neat frog! My kids have been begging for one.”

“He’s been great company. I’d been so lonely after Joel walked out.”

“Of course…mmmm…great coffee…let’s get started with these questions, and I can leave you to the rest of your afternoon.”


Later, dropping food pellets into tank, she says to the wee frog, “Well, Joel, I guess you know they’ve been looking for you…”

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