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October 12, 2007


You've just come across four dead bodies.

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Sealyon: What Happened Next

Daylight is safer, but not safe enough. She can see what looks like a pile of people at the corner. They appear dead, but one can never tell these days. She clicks the safety off her 9mm and walks slowly toward the bodies.

In a darkened doorway, he is still with what passes for sleep. Her smell – blood and life – rouses him. I’m so hungry. Her blonde hair reminds him of something.

One of the bodies raises its torso straight up, an unnatural posture. She calmly fires 5 rounds into its head, too intent to notice him leaving the doorway.

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Jeff R.:Grounds for Suspicion

It was extremely distressing. I unlocked the front door and walked into the store and discovered four dead barristas, their bodies sprawled in various positions across the floor.

I have to say I panicked, took out my phone and tried to dial the police. No signal. I felt blood rushing, and had to sit down to keep from fainting. The smell of overpriced coffee and stale blood filled the air. I tried to keep from retching. I rushed for the bathroom, but didn't make it before the vomit spewed forth from my mouth.

There had been five when I left.

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Jim: Of Mice And Mutants

“Not far now,” Bradley said quietly. At first, he’d held Kara’s slender hand to guide her through Pallas’ murky, unused back passages. This corridor near the public dock wasn’t quite as dark but he had found no reason to let go.

“Is it safe?” she asked.

Bradley grinned. “I’ve got some friends watching the buggy.” Then, far down the tunnel, they saw the bodies: four of them, now a haphazard pile of torsos and limbs.

Even at this distance, Kara saw they were mutants. She gasped. “Your friends?”

Eyes watering, Bradley nodded dumbly.

“So it’s become a pogrom,” Kara mourned.

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Tanya: Untitled

I got the call as I was finishing up a robbery case, and drove out to the farm to investigate.

Sure enough, there were four bodies up in the hayloft. Two girls -- a pretty redhead and a brunette with glasses -- plus a blonde guy and a dog. I never did figure out how the dog got up there.

The only survivor was a skinny guy, obviously stoned off his ass, shaking and crying.

I knew within minutes that there was no case, though. Textbook breaking and entering. Old Man Jenkins was fully within his rights to shoot them.

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Ted: Organized Culinary Crime

The Pirogi Gang had thrown a beating to all the competition in Little Hungary. You either worked for them or went to the hospital. Until the Jozity's rolled into town.

They played like custard left out in February: hard.

When I found the bodies, I knew how bad it was gonna get. The city pays me to be curious, but I earned my pay that night. And a promotion to head Homicide when the Captain resigned after seeing what the Jozity's did to poor Papa Pirogi and his three sons.

Heads full of chicken and potatoes send a bad message.

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Michele: Body Count

Jack walked out to the porch and found Dexter sprawled out, sleeping in a swatch of sun as if he had nothing to do with the four bodies in the basement. A wide swath of evidence on the porch belied Dexter’s innocent sleep.

Jack went to the basement with a shovel and a bag, intent on disposing of the bodies before the Mrs. got home, like he always did. It’s what you do for those you love.

He heard noises upstairs; a struggle, a squawk and triumphant meow.

Jack sighed, resigned. “Looks like Dexter is going for a record today.”

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