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September 10, 2007


They say no villain sees himself as the bad guy. Is it true?

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Dave: The Heart Has Its Reasons

"They got stuff, I want it, I take it.  Why should they have it and me not, y'know?"

Eddie took the proferred bottle from Luis.  "Nah.  I mean, I know what's right, what's wrong. I don't got no right to take stuff from folks, and hurt 'em. But the way it makes the ladies look at me, y'know?  It's a badge of respect.  That's how I look at it."  He glanced over at TJ.  "What about you, TJ?"

TJ looked at the others, then calmly put three rounds into each of them.  He took the bottle and drank deeply from it.  "I just like to watch folks bleed."

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David: The Injustice Society

Doctor Doom banged the gavel. “This meeting of the Misunderstood Philanthropists’ Association is called to order. Elphaba, read the minutes from the last meeting.”

The Wicked Witch studied her Grimmerie. “Meeting started at 7:12. Old business: interfering do-gooders, the fools at the institute. New business: showing them all. Meeting assumed adjourned at 10:38 as attendees fell to recriminations, baseless boasting, and maniacal laughter.”

Doom continued, “Our first order of business tonight is the induction of new members. Ladies, gentlemen, and others, presented for your consideration: Arvin Sloane, Gaius Baltar, and Lord Voldemort.”

The applause was thunderous. Literally, in some cases.

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Ted: The Silken Path

She looked upon Her eight hundred daughters with pride. They had all spawned wonderful and glorious children who teemed upon the eight hundred worlds in near infinite variety. Hiding in the shadows, or basking in the sun, they were Her eyes.

She knew that Her plan would destroy them all. She knew that Her plan would reduce the eight hundred worlds down to just eight: distilled, then purified by fire.

Lo, She wept.

Her villainy was unforgivable, even to Herself. Even to create stability. The concept of LIFE itself would die without Her plan. Even if it cursed Her forever.

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