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June 15, 2007


Today's theme is going fishing.

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David: Inside History

It was inevitable that a cloud of black humor enveloped Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project. The men working there knew, better than the people who had put them to work, exactly what they might unleash. With the pressures they were under, any form of release they could find was welcomed.

Pranks abounded, from setting off the air raid sirens during the critical mass experiments to replacing uranium cores with modeling clay when the brass came to visit.

Not even Oppenheimer was immune. Whenever he went to his lab, he hung a sign on his office door saying, “Gone Fission.”

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Dave: Fish Story

"And where do you think you're going?" Chrys asked in that take-no-prisoners tone she had.  "The Chens are coming over to dinner at 5, and there's a dozen --"

"Going fishing," Roger said. 

"Fishing!"  Her brows furrowed.  "Don't you need a rod and reel or something like that to go fishing?"

He gave her a look, then opened his coat, patted his .45.  "Depends on the size of the fish and how far up out of the surf it's liable to claw after you.  Hopkins case -- read the file.  But on the bright side we might have leftovers for the next few months."

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Jim: Another Day In The Swamp

Deep in the bayou cypress
Ol’ Sheriff Bartholomew Cyrus
Set out on a mission.
As well as a crime un-tangler
He was a damn good angler
So he went off fishin’.

With brother’s Bill and Tom Choate,
In their flat-bottom boat,
Some catfish he was ready to fight.
“You should try this, I think,”
Bill said with a big wink,
Handing over some lit dynamite.

“This is illegal,” said the lawman,
Tossing away the contraband
That exploded down on the bottom.
“You mean all these dead fish, Chief?”
Tom asked with mock grief,
“It seems you’re the guy who gottem.”

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