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June 8, 2007


Today's theme is toothache.

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David: I'd Rather...

“Hey, Bob, you coming to the meeting this afternoon?”

“I can’t, sir. I have a dentist’s appointment.”

“So? Reschedule. We have to talk about reallocation of resources in the new fiscal year.”

“Yeah, I wish I could. But one of my back teeth is killing me. I’m going in for a root canal.”

“Ouch. Sorry, son.”

“Thanks, sir. Have fun at the meeting.”


“Good afternoon, Mr. Johnson. How are you today?”

“Wonderful, Cindy. How long do you think this will take?”

“A couple of hours. Why? Is there someplace you need to be?”

Bob smiled. “Nope. I’m happy right here.”

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Jim: In The Center Ring

Harnesses adorned by feathers,
Myra’s horses circle the ring.
Myra stands atop the center horse,
And she’s barely wearing a thing.

Tony’s lions back up in their cage
When he enters with only a chair.
Here come poodles, walking on balls,
And there’s Bobo, the bike-riding bear.

There’s something wrong with an elephant
And alarm spreads in the tent today.
Thankfully, the clowns get it under control
Before the crowds are all sent away.

We’ve hundreds of animals in the circus,
Each is tamed quite well.
But when one of those beasts gets a toothache
We usually run like hell.

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