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June 6, 2007


Someone has just gravely disappointed you...

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David: Abashed

“You make me sick to look at you,” he said, and I could do nothing but nod in agreement. “You made an deal. You accepted responsibility. You had an obligation to live up to, and you shirked it.”

“But it’s hard,” I whined, hating myself for trying to make excuses in the face of my failure.

Ooh, it’s hard,” he mimicked. “That’s not the point, is it? When you agree to do a thing, you do it. Period.”

“I’m not the only one who—“

“It’s only a hundred words a day,” my reflection said to me. “Suck it up.”

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Jeff R.: Good Help is Hard to Find

I was livid. And my family had to bear the force of my anger, since the contractors had gone home for the day by the time saw what they had done. Somehow, though, I got through the night without inflicting violence on anyone.

The next morning I stayed late so I could meet them before going to work.

"You gotta problem?" their leader asked me when I came out to meet them.

"Of course I have a problem." I said.

"What's wrong?"

"The driveway. It's supposed to be paved and smooth, but look at it: it's all dusty and gravel-y."

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Michele: Fool Me Once

They'd been chatting for three months. It was time to meet.

Sure, she was a little young for him. Some would say too young. But love, and lust, know no boundaries.

His heart raced as he neared her house. He smoothed his hair in the rearview mirror and shot one last spray of FreshBreath in his mouth.

He pulled up to her house. Took one last look in his wallet to make sure the condom was there.

It was time.

He rang the bell, thoughts of sex and romance whirling in his mind.

A man answered. "I'm from Dateline NBC..."

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Jim: And The Rest...

It took weeks to salvage all of the usable lumber from the wrecked ship.

Then we spent almost a month building a boat from the reclaimed wood and hardware. It wasn’t the most seaworthy of crafts, with a roof made from palmetto fronds. But it floated and was large enough to carry seven plus a month’s worth of water and provisions.

Six weeks if we began rationing immediately.

Then somehow – against all odds – the entire boat ended up falling into the open mouth of an active volcano, burning to ash in mere moments.

But Gilligan said he was real sorry.

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