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June 4, 2007


Your bags are packed, you're ready to go ... but where are you going?

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Jim: Final Destination

He had been told where he was going.

He was given a hero’s farewell; his mother’s eyes nearly burst with pride and sorrow. And all the while, the bag had been carefully prepared.

He looked forward to arriving.

The taxi dropped him off at the airport. He stood near the ticket counter.

He wondered if it would be like they said.

A family stopped beside him: parents weary-eyed from travel and four children hopping with excitement.

Where was he going?

The little girl smiled up at him. And the bag stopped ticking.

Suddenly, he knew. He was going to Hell.

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Dave: On the Road Again

"The last time I traveled, Uncle Sam picked up the tab," Roger said.

"This is a pleasure trip," Chrys replied, closing the last valise.  "To Hollywood, to see movie stars.  You still owe me a honeymoon."

"Last time we tried, the Three Fox Tong nearly killed me, you, and a dozen folks at Cahill Depot.  Stole our luggage, too."

"You keep blaming me for that."

"You killed 'em all -- we never did get our suitcases back."

"You shot two of them."

Roger decided this was an argument he wouldn't win.  The taxi honked, so he just smiled and picked up the suitcases.


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