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May 3, 2007


Today's concept is "really, really tired."

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Dave: The Morning After the Night Before

Bad things happen when you're really, really tired.

I woke up late, having hit the sack a bit after 3. 

It turned out that I hadn't turned off the sink I was going to wash dishes in.  Fortunately the heating ducts had drained some of it out of the kitchen.

I hadn't put the dog into the back, either.  Well, at least the flooding water had dealt with the mess on the carpet.

I also hadn't closed the front door behind me.  But that had let the rest of the water drain, discouraging anyone from robbing the place.

Perhaps it had worked out okay.

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Jim: Below Exhaust

“Nope,” I said, looking up from the catalog and shaking my head. “These aren’t what I want.”

The jumpsuited clerk looked at me wearily. “Then tell me again what you want.”

I sighed. “Okay.” I nodded at the people in the waiting area. “Most of those folks are tired.”

He nodded.

“While you guys,” I pointed at the clerk and his buddy behind the counter, “Are really tired.”

He nodded again, slower this time.

“And I want to be really, really tired!” The next page I flipped showed monster trucks. “Here!” I shouted. “These are the Firestone tires I want!”

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