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March 27, 2007


Today's Nathan Fillion's 36th birthday. Your word is shiny.

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Dave: Ain't no power

They made a statue of him. It was sculpted by a man who owed him his life. It was paid for – in materials used, tempering, coating – by a thousand contributors across the System: farmers and ranchers, smugglers and thieves, whores and just plain folk.

They didn’t do it because he was some sort of mythic hero, or civic idol. They did it because he did what was right for his people, and he kept his word, and he delivered the goods. He kept on flying. And those are gorram rare qualities in the ‘Verse.

And that metal-polycrilic statue was shiny.

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David: Know Thy Foe

“Ooh, shiny,” cooed the goblin as I dangled the medallion in front of him. He reached out to take it.

I pulled it away. “You want the shiny?”

The goblin pouted. “Give it!” it cried.

“Tell me where your master is, and you can have the shiny,” I promised.

The goblin’s forehead furrowed. He looked at me, at the medallion, at his own feet.

“Can’t betray master. But so shiny!” I let the medallion swing in the light.

He lunged. I was prepared. My hand closed around his throat, holding him at bay.

“No. Answer first.” His eyes begged me.

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Jeff R.:Meet Me In the Crowd

I've been able to see auras since I was thirteen, but I'd never seen anything like hers. It shone golden and clear, with flares leaping high above and returning to that glow like flying fish.

The body that housed that magnificent aura was unremarkable. Short, with short-cropped black hair, an unexceptional, healthy body. I was smitten, instantly, even knowing that nothing could come of it. She was married, perfectly mated for life. It was all in the aura.

So I sat down in front of the fountain, content to sit and watch her shine, until she walked out of view.

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Ted: The End of the Beginning

Nidas took Silea by the arm, roughly. Although she should have been having babies by now, he had allowed her to keep up her duty well past the customary age. Her extreme talent with the spear had saved many lives, so she was afforded certain indulgences by Nidas and his council. That did not give her leave to forget her manners, however.

"Who is here, Silea?" He couldn't help notice her matted hair or her chest, shiny with perspiration. She had to have come far and fast for her to be sweating so.

"The Sky-men, Nidas! The Sky-men have come!"

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