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January 2, 2007


What did you discover when you took down your Christmas decorations?

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Jim: The Minimum Wage

I met Luis early at Rockefeller Center for our Trabajo Grande. Every December, dozens of festive ricos decorate the massive tree in a glorious celebration. ‘Tra-la-la and Oh Ton And Bomb.’ Pendejos!

But every January, Luis and I have to pack it all up. The jefe loans us a truck and a couple of rickety extension ladders. It’s always colder than una pecha de bruja and we have to take off our gloves to log in each and every crappy metal ball and gaudy stretch of ribbon.

This year I discovered something, though. I discovered I really hate my job!

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Jeff R.:'Round Yon Virgin Mother and...

It wasn't just that somebody had stolen the Baby Jesus.

Randy Vahn's pride and joy was the life-size Nativity he spent most of his post-retirement time building, displayed to the neighborhood for two weeks in December.

Vandals were always an issue. Lately, he'd been spending much of the off-season wiring security cameras and alarms. But none of that deterred this year's batch.

But it wasn't just that Jesus was gone, it was what was left in His place that puzzled and disgruntled Randy. What kind of perverse statement was being made, replacing the Prince of Peace with a prosthetic arm?

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From The Comments: Olivia

As I wrapped the last bauble in the new tissue paper from this years gifts, I caught a reflection in the shiny orb. She was smiling as she watched me ever so carefully handling the decorations that were once hers. I inherited my mother's Christmas ornaments when she passed twenty odd years ago.

Each passing year without her with us for the holidays has been so hard, but her precious ornaments have proudly donned my Christmas tree, giving me a sense that she's here in spirit.

And here now, gazing back at me from this shiny little orb -- my mother.

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