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December 25, 2006


So, what with this being Christmas and all, I'm reminded of the first 100-word story I ever read: Neil Gaiman's 'Nicholas Was'. Which is the sample MP3 for one of his spoken word CD's, orderable and listenable here. He originally wrote it as a Christmas Card.

So today's theme is Christmas Card.

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Jim: A Sequel To Predictability

Most days you shower, eat your meals, walk in the yard and maybe watch a little TV. Nobody talks about being on Death Row so mostly you never think about it.

Interminable loneliness drags days into months and months into years until you almost welcome the embrace of death.

Then one year I got a Christmas card. I stared at it in stunned disbelief for a brief moment before opening it up.

A tiny, concealed cap threw ink all over my face.

“Perkins!” I screamed the name as an epithet toward the detective who was down the hall laughing.

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