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October 20, 2006


A stranger asked me to buy him gas the other day. Despite the holes in his sob story, I did it anyway, just because.

Write about an undeserved act of charity.

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Jim: Daddy

Most nights I sleep okay. But sometimes the nightmare comes.

I’m lying in bed. I’m much smaller, though. And I’ve pulled the blanket over my head. Maybe the blanket can muffle the sounds of Mommy and Daddy fighting. I hear Mommy getting smacked. The soft cracks of fist on flesh until her crying stops. Then the front door slams and everything is quiet.

I never saw my mother again. Daddy said she left us.

My Daddy was all I had growing up. So when he needed a kidney, I let him have one of mine.

Most nights I sleep okay.

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Ted: Lemme Grab my Hat

So Penny had a problem: her father was missing.

It's not easy being the daughter of a powerful wizard. They are supposed to be celibate in the first place, something about the cosmic forces they deal with affecting the germ plasm. I guess it must be true, Penny certainly had an aura of "luckons" around her. The world would be better off with both her and her old man dead: she's a walking chaos storm with no control, he's a fucking wizard.

Only problem, since wizards are immortal and powerful, only something bigger and badder can make them 'go missing.'

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Tanya: Road Rage

I heard him coming before I saw him, honking at someone behind me, yelling obscenities out the window, like anyone could move any faster. Just a moron having a bad day, and intent on ruining everyone else’s. When he sailed up the breakdown lane, I wanted to kiss the semi driver that cut him off and forced him back onto the highway.

But when we finally reached the cones ending his lane, I let him in. No, he didn’t deserve it, but I saw the sheepish little wave, and it pleases me to know that he feels like an ass.

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David: Pity

The sex was mediocre at best. He had the enthusiasm, but no skill. In retrospect, she wasn’t surprised.

He was the IT guy at her office. Some of the others had started picking on him during lunch, as if they had never left high school. He had tried to ignore them, but they didn’t stop. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she sat with him, risking her own place in the pecking order.

Laying there, uncertain how things had progressed quite so far, she heard the clacking of a keyboard.

He was writing it up on his blog. With pictures.

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