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February 1, 2006

February 1, 2006

In honor of having to dig through the garbage OF A SEAFOOD RESTAURANT last night, in search of my son's retainer, today's theme is "lost in the garbage".

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Jim: Life Without A Duck

I love gin.

Gin doesn’t keep away the cold; it only feels like it does. It works the same way for memories.

But it was very late by the time I procured my precious nectar so the shelters were full and the steamy sewer grates already claimed. Instead, I bedded down in a warm, inviting dumpster.

I finally woke up, cart-wheeling through the air, when the dump truck unloaded onto a barge far below.

Now I’m inside a putrid mountain of cold, damp garbage, fighting to claw my way out before I’m discarded into the icy sea.

I hate gin.

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Ted: Vengance of a Woman Scorned for Sega

"It has to be here somewhere, dammit!"

"Stan, calm down. I'm sure we'll find it. I will replace it if we can't."

"I know this may be hard for you to understand, Kim. But I need this back. Why the hell did you have to throw it away?"

"I already said I was sorry. I was just so angry. I really am sorry, honey. This will never happen again, I promise. Just come back to bed, it's 3 a.m."

"I can't sleep knowing it is out here. How many original Luke Skywalkers do you think there are in the world!"

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