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January 27, 2006

January 27, 2006

...and in honor of me being extraordinarily late posting today's theme, it should include a white rabbit.

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It should, but does it?

Does it what?

Include a white rabbit?

Every magic hat comes with the rabbit. Dumbo.

Oh yea? Well then, how is it shipped? You can’t just put a rabbit in a box and mail it! DUMBO!

It must be shipped in the magic hat.

Well, then I should be able to see the rabbit here in this picture in your silly magicians mail order cornucopia catalog.

No, you can’t see the rabbit. Not until the magician, me, makes it appear.

So they mail you an invisible rabbit. How’s that work?

Fuck you, - it’s magic!

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Alice coughed. "I would like to stay for tea, Hatter, but - "

"Posh! I am no longer interested in tea," said the Hatter. He drew a long wooden ladle from the great iron pot and slurped the contents. "Stew! Good for the constitution, I say!"

"Wha - what kind of stew is it?" asked the White Rabbit.


The White Rabbit put his hand to his breast and swooned. Alice slowly helped him out of the kitchen, her eyes never leaving the Hatter.

"Don't know what's got in her bonnet," said the Hatter, pouring himself a bowl. "A man has to eat."

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TA-DUM! There it was, for the 3,627,122nd time, “The Amazing Moldini” pulled the bloody white rabbit out of the hat.

This time was slightly different, though. This time, the rabbit really was bloody. He’d been calling it “that bloody rabbit” for so long that it actually didn’t register at first. It was a little hard to ignore the pregnant silence that descended right after the impressed sigh that he was so used to.

To think, he’d actually thought things couldn’t get any lower than being the “house show” at the Broadview Retirement Home was the lowest his career could sink…

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The oompas had fought for diversity for decades. When they first immigrated
to work for Wonka, all of his products were made of chocolate. After years
of protesting, they'd convince him to be more diverse. When they convinced
him to make Easter rabbits out of white chocolate, they knew they had
finally succeeded.

Then, the huge vat of caramel overturned, flooding the entire factory.

Wonka gave his rallying speech the next day.

"I don't care what people are saying at Hershey's or wherever
they are. This factory will be chocolate at the end of the

Old habits died hard.

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