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November 2, 2005

Volume 8, Issue 2

Your computer is now integrated directly into your body. How does this change your daily routine?

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D: Sierra Squared, Delta Squared

My internal clock wakes me up bang on time. My daily planner notifies me of all my appointments, meetings, reminders, all within the hazy 'desktop' within my head. I get to work late as usual and claim I was held up by an OS crash and my eyes glaze over blue on cue. I plug myself into the office network and get down to work on the virtual shop floor.

It’s only after I get home at night that the real fun starts; live streaming webcasts straight to the ‘net. My wife’s an international star and doesn’t even realize it.

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The Eschatologist: Broogle

The headaches are more frequent. I complained about them to Tandy, who wouldn't listen. Often, she was characteristically unsympathetic, bordering on hostile.

I'm not saying I don't deserve it. I do. A peculiar quirk of my personality embraced the martyr complex long ago. I've been beating myself up since I jacked in and started that search biobot. I should have known better.

The doctor laughed when I'd complained. Bastard. Fifty says he doesn't have a clean net, either. Kids, listen up. Load your firewall into your skull before you go surfing. I didn't. And spam just plain hurts these days.

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Ted: Test-Bed

"Let's see... productivity is up, utility bills are down since so much of the office works online these days.. Good job."

"Thank you, sir. WetWere, Inc. is pleased to have such a satisfied client."

"There are a couple of small problems though, things that keep cropping up. Tell me, did you ever do any game design?"

"Ummm, not WetWare per se... Some of our programmers, a solid block of them in fact, came from The Crypt."

"That explains it. Well, look, here's the thing... we need a patch. Some of our employees are re-enacting scenes from "The Wolves Take Manhatten...."

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