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October 12, 2005

Volume 7, Issue 12

Write 100 words in the style of a 50s pulp superhero magazine.

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D: Raw Shark

Pow! Ker-splat! Wham! Smash! Sok! Zap! Sock! Zamm! Kapow! Whamm! Ooooff! Klonk! Whack! Vronk! Bong! Thwack! Shunk! Bam! Zmack! Boff! Splatt! Crunch! Biff! Bap! Zwapp! Sploosh! Klonk! Urkk! Boom! Yee-ouchie! Spam! Swoosh! Swa-a-p! Eee-Yow! Ouch! Kaclunk! Ker-sploosh! Plop! Blurp! Ker-plop! Bonk! Whap! Krunch! Zlonk! Klonk! Urkkk! Zok! Biff! Zzzzzwap! Zowie! Clank! Ccr-r-a-a-ck! Crash! Bang! Whallop! Ker-powie! Sock!


Wait... did we do sock already? Damn, we did... sorry about that. Can we start again? I just got a little confused in all the confusion. Right, back to position one again please everyone! Places! Let’s take it from the top again.

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Ted: AbsMan vs. The Colorizer

"Halt, vile villian. I won't let you destroy the American way of life by adding color to television."

"Ha Ha Ha AbsMan, you're too late. Nothing can stop me now. This country, this world, is ready to see the world the way it really is. Haha, hahahahahahaha."

"Where will it stop Colorizer? Can't you see that people like the status quo? If you add color, people will start asking questions. Questioning the world around them. Don't force me to use my abs of steel to stop you."

"Forget it FlabMan, even if you stop me, you can't stop the inevitable!"

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Michele: Where Evil Dwells

“Hark! Do I hear the sound of a woman in peril? Duty calls!”

Flash! Like a streak of lightning he bolts across the sky, honing in on the sound of panic.
“I am here to save you, m’am! Fear not, for I shall banish whatever evil lurks around your home!”
The woman is in the kitchen, her hands held up to her face in sheer terror.

“My hero, a last, you have arrived! Jim will be home soon and I’ve burned the roast!”

Flash! A new roast appears on the table, hot, juicy and rare.

“Thank you, DinnerMan!”

“My pleasure!”

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