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August 13, 2005

Volume 5, Issue 13

Hey, how about that - I just noticed that a few weeks ago, while not paying attention, that I had bumped us up not just an issue number but a volume number as well. So, technically, this is really Volume 4, Issue 13, but oh well. You live, you learn, blah dee blah dee blah.

Today's theme: a mistake.

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Ted: Too Much

He drank every bit of vodka in the house and still wanted more. He kissed the hostess dead on the lips and thought he got some tounge action back from her. He was stripping down to jump in the hot tub when the blackout hit.

He had the vague memory of police and screams.

"Why are my hands all scraped up?" he thought when he blearily rolled over. He realized that he was outside next. Then realized he was naked.

"This is what happens when I get drunk," he thought. "Did I hurt anybody this time?" he said aloud, fearful.

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